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$9 MP3 Player With FM Transmitter with Remote

$9 MP3 Player With FM Transmitter with Remote
$9 MP3 Player With FM Transmitter with Remote$9 MP3 Player With FM Transmitter with Remote
Item Number:mp3-fm-player
Our Price:$9.88

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MP3 Player With Build in FM Transmitter - Plugs right in to your car cigarette 12v power socket. Set your fm channel and you can enjoy your favorite MP3 music. That's all, no wires or installation needed.

  • Ingenious circuit designed to reduce static noise system
  • LCD screen display, song details viewable when playing and function indicator on screen.
  • Strong FM transmitter providing you with the clearest reception.
  • Multiple flash drive operation includes USB flash drive, MMC, or SD memory chip.
  • 1 GB memory chip can store over 230 songs (Not Included)
  • Plays continuous music for over 16 hours (1GB memory Not Included)
  • Resume playback from the last track number after you have turned off or unplugged the unit.
  • Adjustable angle to fit your desired position.
  • Audio input for transmission to other audio signals (such as Mp3 player or ipod)
  • Up to 15 Frequency channels to choose from
  • Support MP3 file format only
  • One Year Warranty!